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Hmm. That last post made me think of something.

I think SGRAs are coming with Makeb and maybe the reason why we haven't been told anymore isn't because there is a gag order on SGRA information, per se, but on story content.

Back when we were promised the SGRA content this year it was probably a nod that they were in fact working on it.

Chances are Bioware has just made a blanket statement of 'never talk about story content EVER unless specifically allowed to do so'. That way no one accidentally reveals some big story spoiler. Even little story details can lead fans to piece things together to big reveals. When Gabe said that SGRAs are coming with Makeb, he probably forgot that they are technically story content. They probably won't come out and say that is what happened, because if they give on any story content then they might end up having players constantly asking for it.

So I am going to assume they will be with Makeb, because that is the information we have and it makes the most sense because of the story content dump. I'm also going to assume that the lack of information coming to us isn't because they are trying to hide it, or are on the fence about it, or anything like that, but that there is a gag order on discussion of ANY story details, no matter what they might be.
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