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Really no *********** idea why your trying to act so big now when ranked first came out MvP was no where to even be seen cake died now you think your so good? lmao next joke of the year you guys got slammed by cake and now you think your all good because cake is not around anymore... i am amazed.

Same old mvp came to this server talking crap got smashed when quite after ranked came out because you lost your hero Lbw now back to talking crap the cycle continues

Your **** as **** gimme a break.
You play in a false reality where you put stats from the past over current situations.

The truth is now NS would lose in a ranked. Using a "where was MVP back when ranked came out" is someone living on the past. MVP has put a ranked team together that is incapable of losing a ranked against any team atm because now it has what it was missing before. Before, MVP would win most it's games from outsmarting others because it lacked the class makeup/gear to go head up against teams with heavy hitting class based teams. When you lose and you will lose. I analyze teams/players, I don't base my thoughts on hate or opinions. I don't make bets I have a chance of losing or I wouldn't have made the bet with saedus that I'd beat forcebringer or gamblor in a duel or I'd quit if I hadnt already studied the way they move/think/play. The only thing that stops my strategies half the time is the handicap of playing on 300ms net.

After weeks of re-rolling new classes and acquiring some new members here and there, we have a guild full of the heaviest hitters on the server. Combined with our smarts, there won't be a team to stand before us at this time.

P.S. Halo 4 is out and my graphics card burned out few days ago so depending on if I'm lazy or rather play halo will determine if I play ranked on Friday