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Ok, so you're saying that they're going to throw that money away. As to your "no one cares" argument, that 20 - 50 mill proves otherwise. People do care. If you write them off, then that's your choice. Just don't presume that LucasArts and Disney will do the same. All I proposed was a way to keep all the fans satisfied, if not happy. You and Jarjar were the ones who decided to make a huge deal out of it and show your contempt for the minority of the fans. Would 3 full universes be THAT much of an affront to you? Sheesh. Like I said before, we'll just have to wait and see how Leland Chee fits the new stuff in with the old, or if he decides to do something different. I put forth an idea. My point was that if they used your idea, it would piss off fans, even if in the minority, and they would lose millions in revenue. I get that you don't care for post-RotJ. That doesn't mean "no one does".

If this had happened back in the Eisner days, I would say that you would most probably be 100% correct. These, however, are not the Eisner days. lol
Your right, it is a lot of money, even if it is a small percentage it is a lot of money. And disney does want to keep all its fans happy. But I think its easily work aroundably because they are such a small amount. They can easily placate them as as long as they avoid making the important stuff non-canon (e.g. Timothy Zahn) they can make it work. It is by no means an easy task though.