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Really no *********** idea why your trying to act so big now when ranked first came out MvP was no where to even be seen cake died now you think your so good? lmao next joke of the year you guys got slammed by cake and now you think your all good because cake is not around anymore... i am amazed.

Same old mvp came to this server talking crap got smashed when quite after ranked came out because you lost your hero Lbw now back to talking crap the cycle continues

Your **** as **** gimme a break.
I think I've had to say this once too many times, especially on JJT. Jwalsh > Qaraman(Lbw). Lbw required heals to be efficient and adrenals. Once adrenals were taken out, leaving Lbw the inability to 2 shot ppl it's ironic that he left at the same time. Don't get me wrong, I loved the guy but Lbw was never as good as Jwalsh he just played twice as much as him which allowed him to be seen more which gave you all this false impression. Walsh plays at night, Lbw was all day