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Right now my stats in PVE for dps deception sit at:
Bonus Damage: 980.1
Accuracy: 108.31
Critical Chance: 33.79
Critical Multiplier: 77.36

Damage: 1087-1289
Bonus Damage: 682.8
Accuracy: 98.35
Critical Chance: 34.64
Critical Multiplier: 77.36

I could gain some more power - but I would loose more crit or accuracy or surge. I have been using my sin deception in raiding now (switched from my mara) and I can keep up with our mara and pt's etc, some fights im on top because of the burst. Longer boss fights im usually within a percent or two. The thing that drives me absolutely nuts is the spiky damage. I can go a few discharges before i see a big number, same with shock and maul.

Other guild mates, have around 1100 bonus damage with around 40 crit chance...why? Because they have talents to boost crit. The deception tree needs this - or put it in the madness tree as a first tier skill


Also, my health is at 20862
and willpower = 2063
I was a pure deceptsin before my guild made me a tank.

I dont recall everything and have not been deception for a long long time, but if the stats you quoted are true, you are missing crit which is why you are seeing spikes after long intervals. I would get crit to atleast 35, prolly 37 . lose a bit of power if you have to, maybe a little accuracy.

Basic rotation for deception iirc is 2xvs>reckless>adrenal>relic>shock> maul(if proc)>discharge after which you go to looking at procs.
If i remember the theorcrafting, CS is the way to go as your shock hits like a truck. so its better to go with the chain shock build. Its a toss up between torment and 6% extra VS damange, but I think with the new changes 6% vs wins.

also, I remember my VS being around 40% of the total damage I dealt, so it just makes more sense to add damage to it.