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11.08.2012 , 12:05 AM | #30
It's great to see all the replies to this thread and to know that I'm not alone in my observations. I definitely hear the point that some of you have made that, when pugging, leaders will opt for higher geared players to counteract the lack of coordination and general unpredictability of PuGs.

The instance that led me to start this thread, however, was not one of these cases. It was a guild run for which they were looking to only add two dps. I was very clear with the leader that this was an alt and that my main had been through TFB HM (16M at that, which IMHO is much harder) many times, so I knew the fights and assured him I wouldn't be a liability. I offered to run a parser with the rest of his dps to make sure the gap wasn't too significant. I asked which of the voice programs they were using. In short, I did all I could to demonstrate that I'm a reliable, knowledgable player and it would make up for any perceived lack of gear.

How did he respond? He ignored me! Before this, I had never been ignored by anyone and I've been playing this game since launch. I was being completely respectful, even apologizing if I sounded condescending while explaining the gear requirement. Totally baffled me and, I must say, compelled me to start this thread.

Which brings be back to the thread's title, "sad state of operations." Are we really at the point where people would go so far to fake proficiency that raid leaders need to be so skeptical? Why can't you trust me to self regulate and only apply to encounters I know I'm suited for? Would I have brought this toon for EC HM or TFB HM? Hell no! I'd need at least full rakata first for just the former. And how was I trying to get to that point? By running TFB SM, duh. I take a lot of care to monitor how I'm performing and determining what level of encounters I'm able to do. I know I might not be in the majority on that one, but are there really so many clueless idiots out there that are irresponsibly joining groups they have no business running with? Was it really so hard to distinguish me from them? The whole thing left me with a very bad taste in my mouth and completely disillusioned with our seemingly ignorant player base.