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11.07.2012 , 11:54 PM | #266
I wonder if the issues with content and features aren't really an issue regarding the developers, but more about limitations with the game engine. Face it, they spent a lot of money on voice-overs and skimped on the most important part of an MMO; a scalable engine.

Games like EQ1 had more and better features at release than TOR and it was released in 99 and it still has subscribers even though it went F2P this year.

DDO which released in Feb 06 had integrated VoIP. I played DDO, couldn't stand WoW becoming the modern day baby-sitter. However, I left DDO when it went F2P, but the VoIP feature was awesome. I never had to worry about having the right voice client for groups or raids and then going through the setup up for everyones individual settings.

The executive who made the engine decision should go the way Burger King's exective went when they switched fries. The voice-overs are nice, but I'd have been just as happy with chat bubbles. Had I been in charge, only class (and maybe planet series) missions would have had voice.

After I read the WAR/Hickman article, I'll probably do the same thing I did with WAR, unsub/uninstall.