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on the gear note im full BM as well mate i dont have a massive edge over any of the opponents, also i cant control whos healing me and whos not D: , to get the best footage i pug most of the wzs as well :/ im sorry if i cant show you what you wanted to see, as for the opponents most of them had 16k+ hp so im assuming they were all BM geared+ , cant blame me for them not playing their class well, i was just showing you how i kite.

If you play on my server you will know that a few of my opponents are considered the "best" at their class, /shrug
cant please everybody.
No worries mate. )
I wanted to say that our damage was always more or less fine but our squishiness made us really useless being quickly shut down. I remember the times when my gunnery could change the batlefield situation at civil war shooting healers down from above with my favourite vzhhh bang vzhhhh band grav rounds ) Now everything's changed. People learnth how to cc/kill us in seconds - that's just sad.

If you really want to make us believe that merc/comm are fine. Try to make a video of a single match with equal powers opponents. I thought about it and wanted to make one but after i played few WZs where glowstics have simply torn us apart i decided not to coz new commandos would remove their chars immediately

Have a good time, bro