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For the record, that stat he used was mine. So I prefer if you address my arguments rather than overlook them. Admittedly I didn't post the link to my source (it didn't copy across) so here it is

As you can see, you are correct. It does make around 20-50 million a year. But in comparison to the rest of the revenue, it is minuscule. Only 7%. And as I have already said, post-ROTJ is a fraction of that, and as a I have already said the effect the films would have (as I have already said, 4 years max) would be a fraction of that. So all in all, Disney have very little to lose (probably less than 1% of there revenue) and with have no qualms about labelling stuff non-canon. So, for the third (possible fourth, and hopefully final) time: no one cares

EDIT: lets prove JarJarloves wrong, who seems to think you don't listen.
Ok, so you're saying that they're going to throw that money away. As to your "no one cares" argument, that 20 - 50 mill proves otherwise. People do care. If you write them off, then that's your choice. Just don't presume that LucasArts and Disney will do the same. All I proposed was a way to keep all the fans satisfied, if not happy. You and Jarjar were the ones who decided to make a huge deal out of it and show your contempt for the minority of the fans. Would 3 full universes be THAT much of an affront to you? Sheesh. Like I said before, we'll just have to wait and see how Leland Chee fits the new stuff in with the old, or if he decides to do something different. I put forth an idea. My point was that if they used your idea, it would piss off fans, even if in the minority, and they would lose millions in revenue. I get that you don't care for post-RotJ. That doesn't mean "no one does".

If this had happened back in the Eisner days, I would say that you would most probably be 100% correct. These, however, are not the Eisner days. lol
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