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I am the guy you were inspired by I'm Григорий Мирт. Nice to meet you.
What can i say..., NICE, VERY NICE back shooting CUTS again sorry

What i want to see is a match from the BEGINNING to the END where you are not under constant heal/bubble and without firing in your foes' back but dueling with them or so. In most situations where YOU were attacked, you did nothing impressive but crawl being slowed turning your back for hits under RS. And THAT'S what i usually see in real matches. Unfortunately you've been healed that episoded and your mates saved your as*, not your skill.

Also i wish i see a match with players of the same gear. Not the one where a guardian hits you 1k -1.5k and where you crit recruit crabs with 4.7k. It's simply impossible with AP against WH or full BM geared players.

However, thank you very much for your effort and the true faith in our class.
on the gear note im full BM as well mate i dont have a massive edge over any of the opponents, also i cant control whos healing me and whos not D: , to get the best footage i pug most of the wzs as well :/ im sorry if i cant show you what you wanted to see, as for the opponents most of them had 16k+ hp so im assuming they were all BM geared+ , cant blame me for them not playing their class well, i was just showing you how i kite.

If you play on my server you will know that a few of my opponents are considered the "best" at their class, /shrug
cant please everybody.

also it looks like you want wzs to be a massive duel fest? :/ that doesnt work mate as they are all objective based and running off doing side fights in them is not helping your team win, the merc is not a 1v1 class, but a ranged dps, i stay back from the melee storm and pick away squishes , thats our play style you;re trying to make merc into something its not.