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11.07.2012 , 07:14 PM | #254
Hi. I've never posted on one of these before, but I had what seems like a legitimate question which has thus-far been unanswered. Why hasn't this game come out for the Mac? I have friends who want to play with me but don't have PCs (as we PC games become more and more of a dying breed. Yes, I hate it too.) and the thing that is driving them away from the game is not the subscription cost. In fact, as professionals, many of us have the money to play the game with full subscriptions, but without a great PC with a better internet connection the game eludes many. So my question really is, has there been internal communications about bringing this game "multi-platform"?

Other than that, let me just say (and I'm sure I'll get properly trolled for this) that I love the game and the class stories continue bringing me back time and again. The quality of the updates are wonderful: we who enjoy the game know that you put hard work into these updates and it shows. Thank you for your continued work and your dedication to SWTOR and the community.