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xD hahha ok. i stand educated!
Star Wars Galaxies [SWG] was a game released by SOE in early 2000's, character progression when it started was skill tree based and you was able to mix and match to your preferences. It was a sandbox game, with full 3d spaceflight, complex resource system, the ability to build player ran cities, along with an overt/covert pvp system. It wasn't for everyone. The New Game Experience [NGE] was the second attempt to change the base mechanics of the game, streamlining the over 2 dozen profession skill trees into 9 class wheels, changing the combat system from the standard MMO style to a pseudo standard/FPS style combat [which I think was part of the CU that preceded the NGE].

SWG wasn't perfect, but had a lot of potential that was lost due to being mishandled by SOE.