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cool. Now fix the lag spike/DCs and animation delays and were golden.
heh i read you. Its 50 / 50 that my Commandos full auto will actually fire. oh yeah its in CD but did it fire or did my guy just stand there in the stance like hes firing it? That is the question.

And yeah i'm one of the people spoiled on a game with precise reaction and activation times. Its amazingly noticeable. I'm in HM LI and the targets appear on the ground where the last boss is about to throw the plague which dots you.

And yeah I'm noticeably clear of the plague when it actually hits but thats not how the game works at all. Yeah youve been hit by it even though there was no animation that it dropped. Youre meters away when the animation hits the floor but..nah youre hit.
Sith lightning is just a rip off of Shaman lightning.