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Woah, forgot about this thread. A few points:

Quote: Originally Posted by Ellianshia View Post
What we're doing is asking for more content as well, nothing else. While it may not be game-breaking or game-making, I doubt it will hurt to have it either. And really, if content is low-priority, then what is? In my opinion, it's bug fixes that need addressing first and foremost. Anything beyond that really falls under the same category.

But anyway... Nobody's asking that everything else be tossed away or stopped. All we're asking for is some storyline for people that prefer SGR. I'm not playing TOR. I don't want to play it to begin with, not until I have something to tickle my fancy. Why? Because if I get everything to lvl 50 and see all the storylines, then SGR gets implemented... well, I'll be replaying the same thing and skipping everything except the new content? It might be 5%, it might be less, but it's still part of the story... and experiencing it out of context and out of order kind of breaks the entertainment value... at least for me.
Cool, I hope it's all that you want it to be, whenever it goes live.

SGR coming with a game expansion rather than a game patch kind of makes it worse. We have to pay for the right to be of a different sexuality now?
Oh come on, the game doesn't define your character's sexuality. Just because there aren't any gay companions doesn't mean your character can't be whatever you want him/her to be. You can play it completely asexually if you choose.

Here we go again with majority versus minority. You're saying that I shouldn't go yelling discrimination when you keep going with "We have more of X than Y, so X needs to get more content than Y." That, in and of itself, is discrimination.
No, that's prudence, which is required in any business decision. It would be silly to devote a disproportionate amount of resources for something that appeals to so few given the current state of the game.

I know you can't make all players happy. It's simply impossible to get a group of say... one million people together and make sure that everyone is happy while being put in the same situation, even if the situation is to give them each a million dollars a piece. There will always be someone that will find something to complain about. What they do at that point is try their best to make the highest percentage of people playing the game happy. And that, sometimes, includes making changes that affect minorities.
I don't disagree.

We're expecting to be given the same thing that any hetero-sexual person gets out of their storyline. Nothing more, nothing less.
And in the games I mentioned you are. I think it was a mistake for Bioware to leave this out of launch, but what's done is done and there are other things that desperately need attending now.

Priorities again... really? The promise was.... "You can expect SGR sometime this year." Well, guess what, this year is almost over... and we're not getting even a hint of it being near completion. I might be wrong here, it could come next patch, but honestly... not even a peep when PvE content gets previews practically two patches ahead?
And why do you think that is?

Endgame being shallow will change... when? How much endgame is "enough"? 10 raids? 50? 500? And yes, you're pretty much saying... "Put SGRs in after you've sated all of us with PvE." But... let's say a year from now, there comes an expansion, raising the level cap, then you'd need new endgame content, more raids, etc, etc... so when does the cycle stop? Does it ever? If SGRs are being postponed until "endgame is better", it'll likely end up being implemented when there's no-one left to appreciate it.
I think once they get the new WZ out, cross server queues (for pvp and pve) running, server transfers, begin season 1 for rateds with i-level 63 armor, and expand the character stories beyond act 3, the game will be on solid enough ground to introduce SGRs.

Those changes alone will reinvigorate endgame play and liven up low pop servers. So, once the heavy lifting is out of the way there will be plenty of time for fluff content.

To recap:
You keep throwing the same argument out over and over and over again while trying to dress it with different words. From what I understood of your post, it comes down to "Raids and WZs important, SGR - not because there's more PvP-ers and PvE-ers than people with different sexuality. Give the majority more content." I'd honestly recommend looking up the meaning of discrimination before posting.
The same argument stands because no one has really refuted it. As I said before, I'm not against SGRs. But the game needs a lot more than fluff, and that's all the romances are in this game, hetero or otherwise.
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