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11.07.2012 , 05:14 PM | #247
Ok your 3 points ....point one the game is awesome is correct.
point 2 the subs were driving people away ...true
and point 3 the updates were too slow .....not true

I love the game but I see the problems and speak to players daily who share the same complaints.

The problem with the subs wont be fixed by F2P , that idea sucks, The guys who pay having to play along side
not paying people is going to drive them nuts and then drive then offline and unsub. If you wanted to solve this problem then a simple decrease in the monthly subs would have been enough.F2P is a terrible idea.

The updates speed is not an issuse the problem is the game is way too easy. You can get a level 50 in no time, hell you can do it solo within a few days, no help needed. I thought this was a MMO, you create these companions which just makes it so easy to level and do heroic missions that interacting with others online is not required. thats why people get to level 50 and start whining that they are bored and their story is finished, theyre playing the game like its some one player action playstation game. MMO is meant to be hard, its suppose to encourage you or basically make it so damn difficult to level up without the help of others that you have no choice but to team up and recently you get black hole comms for doing everything now, theyre being thrown at you from all directions, I did a hard mode flashpoint the other day and the dps had full black hole gear and man he was shocking, no idea how to play his role but heh he doesn't need to learn it , the gear is basically handed to everyone that logs in enough times a week.

PLEASE look at other MMO's and hire some gamers that can advise you better than the folk you have now.

Love the game but very worried

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