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It seems silly to go to extreme legnths here to see a particular cutscene. If you want a different set of cutscenes then reroll a toon of the approprate class/race/gender to see the clip you want. If you want to see Mako and Torian both then roll a male Powertech and a female Merc.
Remember that the romances will have new dialogue, as they aren't just doing a pronoun switch. Also, you're dismissing people who are gay or lesbian, who want to see themselves represented in the game. It's not entirely about just that one Fade to Black scene - it's about Bioware keeping up their own standards (they haven't, in case you haven't noticed) and experiencing a story.

It only seems silly to you because you don't understand. Likewise a lot of my co-workers can't understand why I enjoy raiding or why video games themselves are such big business. Just because one person doesn't understand something, doesn't invalidate another's position.

However, you are somewhat right - it IS silly to go to such lengths to get information on this content. The information should be readily available, Bioware should be more forthcoming and the content should be in the game already.