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According to a german fansite Bioware will release 1.5 including the new F2P Option on November 15.

In the Announcement they stated that they just had a conference call with Senior Producer Blaine Christine who told them about the releasedate!

Original (german) news from the site:

english version provided by Mr. Google (sorry im too lazy right now for a full translation :P and its late in germany)

Quote Gamona (

SWTOR: Free to Play released on 15.11.2012
by Meiou, Wednesday, 07.11.2012, 16:18 clock in Free 2 Play, Free to Play, SWTOR

We were specifically invited by Bioware to a conference call with Senior Producer Blaine Christine and Live Producer Cory Butler and learned there that SWTOR free to play next Thursday, the 15th Will be published in November, along with patch 1.5.

This means that we can start next week free jet to the Galaxy by SWTOR. So we then have access to the antitrust market in which you can you make various items and boosts. As a Free to Play player you have the opportunity here, you unlock certain game content.

We will also be exclusive to the new companions HK-51, the deadly assassin, get through a series of quests and the new Daily territory can play on Belsavis.

We are looking forward to the release!