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I just want to say that I really like the fact he's doing this, its the one thing I always loved about Age of Conan / The Secret World, FunCom is -not- quiet with what they are doing.

They come out and say "hey we're doing this, we're fixing that, we've read people are angry with this, we're testing it ourself and seeing how we feel about it, blah blah."

The difference is when FunCom releases a state of the game, I feel as if they have actually been paying attention to the community and not just pulling the biggest threads they can find and pretending those are the most pressing topics.
Very true, also playing TSW here and I love how they admit when it turned out something is not working as intended, like the open PvP objectives in Fusang, now what are they doing, revamping it based on player feedback and communicating back and forth in the forums on a near daily basis. Thatīs how itīs done!

Mind that they are far ahead with a 75vs75vs75 giant warzone I can play mostly lag free in DX11 + tesselation... something I can dream of in SWTOR.

Also, TSW Game Directors jumping into threads twice a week or more often.

At BW / TOR, when have JO or JH ever participated in any discussion on the forums? They avoid direct communication with players in every possible way.