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If you have certain things like UI options and color match and other things gated the way you have, the FTP option is nothing but a punishment. Gate content if you want. That makes sense. But even with this talk of "Preferred Status", you need to seriously reevaluate what the model does and does not restrict if you think people are even going to bother with it.

Having quickbar slots or title be purchasable unlocks is the most harebrained thing I have heard. One of the things that having preferred status gives you is the ability to send mail. These things should be basic quality of life things that everyone has access to. Gate content. Limit warzones, limit flashpoints and looting. Do all of that. But making the option to hide headslot something to buy? Making quick travel something to buy?

All you are doing is gutting a product of quality and either a) merely rolling things back to how certain things were before certain patches insofar as QoL or b) imposing limits on things that should be granted.

And it's transparent. It's a money grab. Other games with ingame stores or FTP options at least have some of the content purchases seem smart. In LOTRO, you could buy access to all the quests in an area. Hell, you want to make money, you do that. Person wants to raid? Which raid would they like access to? Do they want to pay extra for access to the Tier One raids in a bundle pack? Only buy Eternity Vault? Maybe buy all of them for a large flat rate?

THAT's how you gate things. That's how you manage your content in a FTP system. It doesn't come from saying "If you want more quickbars, please insert 25 cents".
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