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Ah the meme continues. No Mr. Hickman, it wasn't "the price" of the subscription, it was "the quality of the service" for the price of the subscription that drove people away.
In some sense this is probably true, but I dont entirely agree. People were driven away, not by the subscription itself, but because they were tired of paying for the same-old-thing. Not enough new content was being released. Does going f2p fix this? No. But f2p is obviously intended to stall the decline in active players so that all subs are not lost. It's a good business move and makes perfect sense that they would put so much dev power into making it happen.

What I want to know is this: is BW just stalling us by creating f2p with the intention of soaking as much $$ as possible before the vast majority of players give up and move on? Or is BW really actually going to deliver more content? The best way to keep people happy and paying money would be new story lines/classes/factions/planets/wzs etc, not just perks and tweaks. Going f2p has bought BW some time to do this. Will they? BW: please focus your dev power on creating new content with as much zeal as you did to launch f2p!

I'm a relatively new player, so I'm still willing to pay, at least until I finish up all the story lines. But after that? No way will I pay just to grind the same old stuff over and over again. So in a sense, BWs story about subscription costs driving away players is true, but only to a point. F2p is a temporary fix and I believe they should come out and say it. I would feel really reassured if they did. Acknowledge your weaknesses and then improve!

Thank you for the state of the game article, looking forward to the next one.