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When is BioWare going to learn that it was not the subscription that was driving players away, but that the quality of the game produced wasn't worth wasting 60$ + 15$ every month?

Who knows.. perhaps the majority put into the unsubscriber box "I canīt afford paying 15$ a month".
Although, the "Unsubscriberīs thread" speaks a different language, right?

I donīt know. When I left the first time I said Iīll be back when they add a Space Sim and more open worlds like in SWG.
Now Iīm back for finishing another class story, but that certainly wonīt take forever. Another month maybe.

Regarding "The game is awesome" - well it has some awesome aspects and some highlight moments, but itīs far from "overall awesome". It has awesome potential, yes. It could be really awesome if they read the suggestion box and find out about the 10 most requested things, so.. maybe "awesome" after the first expansion/revamp.

Ilum: not awesome
Rail shooter instead of JTL: not awesome
No day night change, time frozen planets, 2006 graphics: not awesome

I tell you when I will think the game is awesome:
JTL/ Star Citizen like Space Expansion
Minigames like Nar Shaddaa casino, Pazaak, Swoop Racing
Vehicle Ground combat
10 warzones
DX 11, tesselation, high res textures, 64 bit multithread client
Day/NIght change on planets and dynamic events and a NPC population
No more exhaustion zones, no more corridor planet layout

Get to work and MAKE it awesome, then people will pay ANY price