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Greetings fellow Jung-Ma Raiders!

My name is Telana Dentari from The Remnants of Hope. I am in charge of our PVE efforts within Star Wars: The Old Republic. I would like to officially announce that our Crafters have managed to obtain quite a few Dread Guard Gear schematics, and are willing to take requests to craft enhancements/mods/armorings for the Jung-Ma community.

The current list of schematics that we can craft are as follows (More will be added as we obtain more schematics as time progresses):

Crafter: Eliian
Advanced Adept Enhancement 27

Crafter: Kiamei
Advanced Initiative Enhancement 27

Crafter: Velok
Advanced Aptitude Mod 27
Advanced Quick Savant Enhancement 27

Crafter: Aravail
Advanced Mettle Mod 27
Advanced Potent Mod 27
Advanced Bastion Enhancement 27

Crafter: Rikro
Advanced Agile Mod 27

Crafter: Tipico
Advanced Agile Mod 27A
Advanced Skill Barrel 27

Crafter: Sin'jo
Advanced Weighted Mod 27B
Advanced Reinforced Mod 27B
Advanced Nimble Mod 27
Advanced Reflex Armoring 27

Crafter: Rikyn
Advanced Deflecting Mod 27B

Crafter: Telana
Advanced Resolve Armoring 27

Crafter: Coombsey
Advanced Proficient Enhancement 27

Crafter: Zek-anlai
Advanced Resolve Hilt 27

Now, for those interested in submitting requests, we ask that you provide the materials needed to craft whichever armoring/mod/enhancement you would like crafted, in addition to a 'fee' per mod/enhancement/armoring.


1. Mod/Enhancement = 250k each, or 200k if buying in bulk (3 or more).
2. Armorings = 400k each, or 350k if buying in bulk (3 or more).
3. Barrels = 600k each, or 550k if buying in bulk (3 or more).
4. Hilts = 800k each, or 700k if buying in bulk (3 or more).

Orders are to be sent to the above crafters (Depending on which one want) by mail.

Include the following when submitting orders:

1. Guild Name (If your apart of a guild)
2. How many
3. Which mods are being requested
4. Required Materials
5. Credits for "Fee"

Be sure to visit this thread often. The list of schematics will be updated upon obtaining a new Dread Guard schematic as time progresses. Thank you!

Happy raiding.

Telana Dentari, PVE Officer
Remnants of Hope