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11.07.2012 , 03:10 PM | #12
From the healer's perspective, I'd note that it's almost never about the size of the hit. If the assassin is using his damage and mitigation properly, he is no harder to heal than a juggernaut or powertech. There might be more spikes, but large spikes are infrequent (as noted by the Ninja above) and can generally be healed from easily.

No, the most dangerous thing to a tank's health is injured DPS. A healer who is trying to patch up DPS isn't healing the tank. And when the tank goes for a long time without heals, his survivability drops precipitously. Judicious use of cooldowns helps with this, naturally. Although a tank who cannot hold threat will certainly have issues with injured DPS, some mechanics do damage an entire raid without being avoidable, and the DPS themselves failing to avoid avoidable damage is the major issue rather than anything the tank can control.

I am given to understand that assassins are complicated, and as such, people are more likely to play them poorly. However, a well-played assassin is a joy to heal. I do not think there is anything at all to fix here.

Except stupid. I can't heal stupid.