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Okay, I see nothing wrong with the era of the old republic. Im a early 90s kid, my dad is a huge SW fan, he was the one who made me watch the OT, then as the PT came out, I grew up watching those. I never touched a SW comic or book, and the only SW games Ive played are rogue squadron, battlefront, and force unleashed. Ive ever ONLY known the era depicted in the films. I only discovered what BBY refers to after playing TOR. I am the kind of person OP is referring to when he says people who have no knowledge of the EU would not like the unfamiliarity of the era. Ive never played KOTOR, and you know what? I want to. I like the era this game takes place in. Its interesting, its unknown, and it shows me far more of this galaxy far far away then the films ever did. just like OP, I had never heard of Taris, Nar Shadaa, Voss (I later read on these forums that before TOR, Voss only existed in a passing reference in one comic), and many other planets. I find it interesting to learn more about this era as I play. There were a lot of mistakes made in this game, but the era was not one of them.
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