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thx for the tip, i know am asking alot but can u update ur link (pvp gear) or tell me the numbers am looking for for pvp heals u already told me i need more crit and surge but how much more ?
Not at home so I can't recall how I had my gear exactly for askmrrobot. Basically, crit remains largely the same (350 crit rating and stacked skill augments), take two healer war hero implants (the one with alacrity) and stack surge enchancements on the rest of your gear. Don't worry too much about custom pvp bracers and belt (use 58 or 61 pve ones if you have 1200 expertise) as the elite war hero ones will probably be moddable like the dreadguard versions. The grind that pvp gear takes means it's hard to totally optimise gear, so you're generally aiming at around 40% crit and 78% surge with about 100-150 alacrity for normals and moments when you get time to cast underworld medicine.

If you don't care about how your gear looks, pick up two pve shells and stick your pvp mods and armorings (not war hero armourings, that'll overule the set bonus) in them to help with your aoe, 4 piece bonus for both sets isn't that great.

However, with the new elite war hero gear, this will probably become obsolete
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