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11.07.2012 , 03:01 PM | #237
well for me it is not the 15 per month I subbed for 8.5+ years to City of Heroes.For me it is in part the community,In this game i have yet to find the same type of community of players. My big complaint of the game is the class content,First let me say I ENJOY the content for the JC and BH , I am running a shadow and a Merc, Now after I finish the class storylines,I do NOT want to do them again ,as if I did the JC as a sage,it would just be the same storyline like watching a remake of a classic movie,that may be ok but not as fun as the original. Total Recall comes to mind.I know this would be a LOT of work,but it would be nice to have a story line that plays more to the strengths of the sub class,and then have one that is playing to the strengths of the shadow. on a couple of the maps/missions I played my shadow a bit sneaky. and snuck into the area of the last boss/item,but they would not spawn until I went back and attacked a few mobs along the way. It would have been nice to get some bonus as a shadow sneaking to the end of the mission instead of Tanking to it.