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I wouldn't mind a deathmatch. But you need some way to split up the groups so its not an insta-gib zerg-fest. Those are boring and annoying. I'm looking at you Ilum.

Perhaps 4v4, or some mechanic splitting a group of 8 into two or three smaller groups.
Yeah, good point. Truchaos's post below yours has an idea I agree with, not necessarily a maze-like map but something other than a flat-floored arena would be needed. Otherwise said zergfest/pile in the middle would get old in about 5 seconds.

Stationary weapons like some FPs and ilum have?
Obstacles, traps; *triggerable* traps or obstacles for prime real estate?
Multiple levels or elevated key areas?
Seperate spawn points shared by both factions (not together mind you) so small groups run in from different directions?
NPCs making an appearance, like lions and other beastly animals did during gladiator fights in the Roman Coliseum?

Just tossing some ideas, all of which could be fun or a horrendous PITA...