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I would really like to see where those numbers come from because so far I have no reason to believe them. If the EU didn't sell they wouldn't produce stuff to it.

eitherway, my main concern is that since a lot of the events and characters is tied together in the EU. Change one wrong thing and you might effect several storylines. for instance lets say they make the Vong wars uncanon. Well alright they were rather boring anyways. however that would effect the character development of Jacen Solo meaning no Darth Caedus = the 8 Legacy of the Force books are uncanon, ups!

The same thing would happen if they should decide to kill some key character, lets for instance say they kill of Mara Jade before she originally die at the hands of Jacen. Well, first of all Ben Skywalker might not be burn, secondly Jacen would have to sacrifice someone else to become Darth Caedus = story is uncanon.

Then if that happened the Fate of the Jedi novels would also be uncanon since they are affected by the effects in Legacy of the Force etc.

As I said one stupide move might destroy a great many storyline and THEREFORE Disney need to be careful.

However, if they manage to do that there might come much good out of them buying Lucasfilms.
Dude, you agree with him and he wants to start an argument with you. Now you know what I had to put up with until I put him on Ignore.

Seriously, the post-RotJ ExU Novels, comics, and games make LucasArts about 20 - 50 mill per year. Post-RotJ accounts for around 5 - 20 mill. They wouldn't jeopardize that kind of revenue by declaring all of it N-Canon. There is a reason why declaring EVERYTHING in an entire storyline that takes place over several novels or comics as N-Canon is a last resort. When such a thing occurs, all prints of those novels and comics that aren't already in circulation are pulled from shelves in a recall. Leland Chee takes everything about the retcon into account before he makes that decision, and tries to find ways to declare some elements S-Canon before anything gets pulled. Novels and Comics supplemented the income of George and his family. Now they'll supplement Disney's bottom line. The recalls MIGHT have laxed since I saw it last, but as of 2009, that was how the procedure went. I watched my local comic book shop owner pull dozens of issues off the wall and box them up to send back to the warehouse, thanks to an email they got from Dark Horse, which LL had sent to them. When I asked him about it, he said they'd been recalled because it wasn't in Star Wars anymore. That was before I learned more about Canon and how seriously LucasArts takes it. At the time, I didn't think much of it because it didn't affect the Knights of the Old Republic series I was collecting.
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