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I still think that the whole Dread Master thing has carried on too long as it is. The Dread Master story arc isn't even good. It's boring and predictable and if Kephess comes back again there will be hell to pay for such laziness. I want a dynamic operation story where your choices can actually change the encounter different and better yet the encounter changes difficulty in a particular area such as if you choose selection A. you will have to eat a lot of aoe damage or if you choose selection B. there will be no aoe damage, but the enrage timer is tighter or something like that. Give us mechanics that we can control in a way and not some cheaply done one size fits all boss fights. Basically Bioware needs to put their copy of WoW down and get an original idea. We are playing this game not because of what it copies from other MMOs, but what it offers in itself and while story missions are "ground breaking" because I don't have to read blocks of text, end game is stale and fairly dull. Oh, and adding mounts and pets...DOES NOT CHANGE HOW FUN THE GAME IS! Make mounts or pets that actually assist you in your adventures. I'd like to ride a Nexu who chews up my enemies into bits while I slash away at his friends.
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