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Really wish Bioware would stop putting so much effort into how shiny the foliage in the game is and fix balance problems and bugs.

I just imagine the devs sitting around a table coming up with their priorities for 1.5 and saying, "you know, we still have some major bugs to address, and the DPS classes need some serious balance fixes, but there is a rock somewhere on Tatooine that doesn't look just right. Let's get right on that."
Though I would've taken a little more tactful approach, I tend to agree with this statement. Yeah, those are neat little cosmetic touches, but when you throw a feature on the website from a tech dev. talking about how he likes working on the tech. side of things when there are still many bug and connection issues some of which have date back to early in the game, I think more of us active players would rather read about what the developers are doing to solve those issues and hearing that they are just as enthusiastic in making the game more playable and smooth than adding cosmetic touches. I don't know if there's a thread about those things where devs have talked about those things due to the fact that there is so many threads on these forums and I don't have time to search through all of them to find one or two that maybe are about the side of the tech dealing with the quality of the operations of the game. If there is, please point me to it.

I would like to know if there's being anything done about constant game crashes and server kicks (with error codes 9000, 1003, and 2005) that have started happening only after 1.4. I really like this game but would like to know that these "issues" were being known about and dealt with. Thank you.
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