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I went on a run like this the other night...Tank would pull as fast as possible and pull two groups at a time. I was healing and using TOR Assistant at the time. Was pulling 2200 HPS and was still doing some dps too with Flyby. More than once me or the tank dropped to the 20% hp mark. Never thought we were in any real danger and had dps been killing the weak we never would have dropped so low on health, but the tank was just making the instance harder than it is. However, I couldn't quit since the tanks is a officer in my guild and the person that talked me into playing a MMO in the first place. Plus I knew he was just doing it just to annoy me.
This cracks me up and hits home. We have an awesome tank in our guild, who happens to be the brother of one of our awesome healers. I will often group with them and one other dps in our guild to run our HM FPs. It's pure entertainment to watch him try to aggro as many groups as we can at one time for the challenge and purely to annoy his sister. Keep in mind that both he and his sister are in their 30s, so I love that they still do things like that to each other. Plus, it makes it fun for the other folks too.

Generally, we just turn it into a great big joke and have wiped on occasion as a result. One particular instance that comes to mind is doing the Mon Cal boss in BT (sure we could have skipped him, but so what). He pulls the droids in the room and the three mobs. Then casually makes his way over to the boss and the two healers. All the while, holding aggro on almost all the mobs, while the other dps and I are taking out as many as we can. He pulls the boss and two healers, and starts running him all around, then goes over to the door and pulls the other three mobs, goes through the door and pulls the next room. We actually did pretty well, until he finally overwhelmed himself and the boss enraged. He died, but we were able to take out almost everyone else before the wipe. The whole time we were laughing and good naturedly yelling at him to stop pulling. And his sister was healing her ***** off and getting super frustrated with him. Pure entertainment!