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Hello Sir,

first thanks for stepping in.

Then if I had to write one sentence about your whole blog, you are either delusional, misinformed or have no clue at all at what makes a good MMO and what are the players expectations. Regarding your position I tend to think you are fully aware of all the above but voluntarily forgetting it.

Now specifically about your three main points. As mentioned by others:
  1. The game in it's actual state isn't awesome. From the low performance of the engine to the lack of basic and commonly expected MMO features, to major design flaws, SWTOR has a lower standard than others available MMO and isn't evenly polished.
  2. We all know the subscription fee was and still will be driving away people, because the quality isn't up to the asked price. BTW your F2P model is broken in its fundations.
  3. The frequency of the game update is indeed too slow especially compared to others studios like Trion. Sadly you already failed at keeping up to your promise to deliver new content every 4-6 weeks. Furthermore the size of the content looks very thin compared to games like DDO, LotRo, Rift and so on.

Please allow me to go further. Whatever good is James Ohlen at managing projects, regarding how poorly he did in all the interviews and isn't regarded as the most talented producer, (from a player perspective), you might want not to mention him.

In your 3 chosen topics I saw none addressing the most important one being the communication between the players and the devs. Let me mention that as long as you'll keep with your actual way you're not going to deliver.
You have to implement a two way communication. Have the devs step in into the suggestion/PvP/Class... forums and discuss in a two way direction with the players. Don't forget there are also very talented people playing this game.

The best advice you should follow is simply fix your communication. And if you don't have any ideas about it, just copy what Trion is doing. Then proceed to the game issues.

Let's talk about the F2P model we're seeing on the PTS server, mind you?

In short, if you go live as is you're going to dig deeper SWTOR grave and write your name on the tombstone on top of it.

What you guys are thinking when doing things like making people pay for:
  • More slot bars: when others F2P MMO have UI addons for free
  • Unify gear color: when others F2P MMO have gear dyes for free
  • Hide head slot: F2P MMO have hide back, shoulder, gloves... for free
  • Prevent basic features like /who, emotes, use recall features...

Do you really think you're going to milk 3 million of players with that?
I can assure you, even the TOR vets won't come back when they'll see how limited they are.
Especially when they'll realise there's so few new content!
You are pretty well versed in the NGE fiasco and let's be realistic here: you won't earn more paying customers than what you had before with this F2P model. Don't make the same mistake twice, please.

Actually the main issue with your F2P model is that you request people not to pay for the content but for the tools required to enjoy it. Seems to me you are aiming sideways...

BTW I heard when you stated about delivering content faster and focusing less on V.O. content.
It's understandable but MMO wide, the V.O. story is what makes your game different than others.
And in the other fields you have less than them.

Anyway best luck to making the game better.
As a player it's all that matters.

Pretty much agree on everything he said. Also address issues such as,

-Chapter 4 of the class stories
-Same gender romances
-improving end game content(adding mini games such as gambling)
-reduce the number of bugs being released with every new patch you put out.

And please stop pretending that the game is awesome and that everything is alright , because the game clearly needs some improvements.