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I would really like to see where those numbers come from because so far I have no reason to believe them. If the EU didn't sell they wouldn't produce stuff to it.
Looks like I'm going to have to repeat myself here.

Ok, so I probably fabricated that figure a bit. However its not completely untrue. I remember someone posted some how much money the franchise makes out of anything - managed to find it

As you can see book sales (which I believe includes comics, basically represents the EU) make up only 7% of revenue. While movie sales (including DVD's) makes up 30%. Seeing as the post-ROTJ EU only makes up a tiny fraction of that 7% we can assume that around 1% or less, probably less, love or like them.
Also, please read my above post for a counter argument. The gist of the argument is, (you guessed it lol): no one cares