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I think the dps could use buffs, but I don't think it is totally unusable in PvP.

Maybe you're just not very good at it? I always put up top numbers on my concealment operative when he's not a medic operative.

Standardized answer no.00X L2P. LOL. Do you actually play DPS Ops? From your answer it seams like you're switched to heals? Why?
Open your eyes, look around and tell me how many DPS ops you see in the swarms of assassins, juggernauts, marauders ...?
I play Lethality from game start, because i like the mechanics, but even if i work my a** out, i cant pull same numbers like other DPS classes. Ergo, i hurt my team. Do you see the logic?
If i go to melee range, i'm destroyed by AoE lolsmashers and i wont receive heals. Why? Because it's better to heal marauder than me. I'm focused. Why? Because at melee, i'm easily destroyed by true melle classes ... dispatched like weak mob - first.
Believe me, after almost year playing Lethality i know my chores and yet i do NOT benefice my team, like e.g. playing Juggernaut.
I actually started to play tank Juggernaut. In BM gear i pull 150-350 protection in PUGs easy (350 not that easy actually ). I have utilities that really benefit my team greatly. I make difference. As Lethality Op, i'm neither. Even if i do great, i'm still mediocre help to team. Even though having Warhero full modded stuff. Elite weapons. Still. not. good. enough.
Thats why i started this my personal statistics, to see if there are other colleagues Leth ops around. There is none.
Do you now say to all those ppl that stopped playing DPS Ops to L2P?
No. Anyone, who made it past 80 valor with DPS OP has to LOVE the spec.
Anyone like that will do (and does) greatly on other classes (like me on Jugg).

Enough is said, numbers wont lie. I'll make it to 100 WZs watched (already have another 11 to post and will do more through rest of week and mainly on weekend).