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I just want them to retcon everything except the 6 movies. There should be no reason that Disney doesn't go their own direction with movies, comics, t.v. shows or anything else. Im sorry but im old and anything star wars past RoTJ has sucked. Jedi Knight 2 was playable but seriously we need a retcon on anything past EP.6
That is so selfish of you!

Plenty of fans are DIE HARD fans of the corrent EU and i would be furious and I mean FURIOUS! If disney start making all the EU uncanon, I mean hell even the game we are playing now is part of the EU, and it has small parts of a ton of other stories in it. The star wars univers is a united entity and not just the movies! Hell I enjoyed the Darth Bane trilogy more than some of the movies, and the same goes for Legacy of the Force.
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