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Quote: Originally Posted by R-Tee-Doo-Tee View Post
ignore the naysayers

yes other things need changing in game right now and maybe other things need fixing
but the finished results in this feature are amazingly different. I work in graphic design and those before and after pictures are like chalk and cheese the new look really pops out at you.

Whoever the guy is in charge of this project needs a slap on the back or at least a few hours off work
courtesy of the management.

This is a job well done and to all the trolls and pessimistic folk just remember
a positive thing towards the game is just that a positive. This change will make your online star wars
world look nicer and come alive. Embrace the good things and by all means moan about the bad.
But dont whine over something as good as this
That's an excellent perspective that is lost on probably 90% of the members here. Thanks for posting.
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