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11.07.2012 , 12:42 PM | #230
I have to say I like the idea of these state of the Game updates. I dont know if we will ever see another one, if any questions here will be answered or if it will fade into obsurity like so many other things. I have some questions and thoughts and I will put them in the order they are important to me.

1) New species. I am very bored with the playable species and dont really feel like I could create the character I wanted to play. Its hard to feel connected to what I see as a generic hero. Why have new more alien species not been introduced?

2) Kill, grind, que for flashpoints seems to be the end game content. What I feel we are missing is sand box and mini games. This kind of goes to point 1 if I can do other things other than the same dailys with a character and invest my time in house, guild, space ship and personalise him I will be more connected and want to play more. As is I am doing a few dailys and really dont feel conected to my characters so dont really care about him or the world he is in.

3) PvP really does not seem to work. Expertise sucks, basically I wont do PvP because of this stat and the fact that I will get slaughtered by a long time PvPer not because of skill but because my gear can not compete and the only way to get the gear is to PvP. Also with no world PvP, no objectives it leaves there to be no reason to PvP. This is normally one of the main end game events but most people view PvP in TOR to be broken. Open world PvP really needs a third faction but even without it there could be so much more with players fighting over a planet and actually taking and holding the entire planet gives bonus and rewards to the winning team.

To be fair this is a good game, however enough small things that I struggle with have added up that I bearly play and would be lucky to clock 2 hours a week. This then really does make me look at the sub prices, I dont think the sub prices would cause me to quit the lack of care about my character and what he has to do each week would cause me to leave the game.