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Quote: Originally Posted by Captain_Zone View Post
There are quite a lot more Expanded Universe fans than you think, bud.
I'm afraid there aren't.

I'll give you my post to this reply, someone arguing a similar point to you (although on a ridiculously blown up scale)
Or let's say Disney throws it out and makes it's own EU like some claim they already have. So now you may as well burn all those books, [thousands of pages of written lore] since they would never happen. Wookieepedia, yep may as well burn the servers it's on as all of it's non-movie information (90% of it) is irrelevant now. And now people are mad at the death of the EU and that will cut into Di$ney'$ profit$ when nobody buys those books that are still in print.

See what i'm getting at?
My (rather aggravated) reply.

I have no idea, you seem to be implying that the post-ROTJ era makes up the largest majority of the Star Wars universe which is quite far-fetched and simply untrue. Or are you saying that 13,000,000,000 years of events in the Star Wars universe makes up 10% of Star Wars? Whereas 138 years represents 90%? Whatsmore, the new trilogy would probably only cover 4 years, max. So wiping out the entirety of post-ROTJ is impossible. Finally, less than 1% of Star Wars fans and general moviegoers love or like this era, so seeing it damaged would not affect them or annoy them in the slightest And about 0.8% of those can be placated through Disney erasing the rubbish stuff (e.g. Yuzavuza whatever and Palpatine getting cloned) and taking elements of EU such as Thrawn and Mara Jade and implementing them into the film. Hence only 0.2% (probably very vocal) star wars fans will be annoyed by this move and less than 10% of the post-ROTJ era will be affected.
And this was my reply to someone who dared question my facts

Ok, so I probably fabricated that figure a bit. However its not completely untrue. I remember someone posted some how much money the franchise makes out of anything - managed to find it

As you can see book sales (which I believe includes comics, basically represents the EU) make up only 7% of revenue. While movie sales (including DVD's) makes up 30%. Seeing as the post-ROTJ EU only makes up a tiny fraction of that 7% we can assume that around 1% or less, probably less, love or like them.
So in a nut shell: no one cares

Quote: Originally Posted by jarjarloves View Post
is that why the Expanded universe books only sell in the 100,000s? There aren't as many EU fans as you think bud.

also as we have seen with the Prequels the EU fans will rage for a day then keep buying the books.

Hell there are more people who watch the Clone Wars series then have ever read a EU book.