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hey now the EU fanboys who like the EU more then the movies care... but yeah seeing as they are less then 1% of the total star wars fanbase it doesn't matter.

Of course even then they will just complain on forums and then still see the movies and buy all the books anyway. Just like they did with the prequels.
Exactly, for these guys to complain - they have to see the films first. The common movie-goer only sees a film at the cinema once, and maybe buy it on DVD. This is what Disney is expecting, so they won't be phased. These guys literally can't go wrong, even if its absolute rubbish, it will still make billions. In short, these guys aren't to worried about the EU.

EDIT: And hey, guess what fanboys! George Lucas is the only one who can save your precious post-ROTJ EU! You know, that guy your always hating on and who doesn't like you! Stick that in your pipe and smoke it.