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I just want to say that I really like the fact he's doing this, its the one thing I always loved about Age of Conan / The Secret World, FunCom is -not- quiet with what they are doing.

They come out and say "hey we're doing this, we're fixing that, we've read people are angry with this, we're testing it ourself and seeing how we feel about it, blah blah."

The difference is when FunCom releases a state of the game, I feel as if they have actually been paying attention to the community and not just pulling the biggest threads they can find and pretending those are the most pressing topics.

I wish Jeff had browsed every forum, actually read some of the pressing issues, and commented on them. We already know about your content plan, we know about f2p, we know why the devs left, the only real info you gave us is that you are aware of APAC server issues.

You didnt touch on a lot of other things people are angry about, and I am only going to list ONE because its the most concerning to me right now.

When this game came out the Operative / Scoundrel classes Concealment / Scrapper tree had a 3 second knockdown, and burst of the gods. This needed to be addressed, and it was.They were nerfed. Then nerfed again. Then nerfed so badly that they are horrible. Then comes along 1.4 and everything you took from them you just gave to assassins. Is it not overpowered since a sith class has it?

Just -one- skill I'd like to look at in particular, for a comparison from each class. Backstab V Maul.

base damage :1198 (max at 50 in standard green gear)
Cooldown : 12 seconds
Talents to increase damage : meticulously kept blades : 30% crit damage, waylay 4%damage.
Acid Blade : only appliable every 12 seconds out of stealth since backstab was nerfed to 12 secondsd from 8.

base damage: 1981 (max at 50 in standard green gear)
Cooldwon : 0
Talents to increase damage: 30% damage from duplicity (only a 9 sec internal CD fully talented, t1 talent), 30% crit damage from induction, t3 talent)

Holy hell. I am not even going to touch on the fact that volitic slash is spammable damage on par with shiv, discharge does double lacerates damage and ignores armor (internal damage), and the fact my deception assassin now has, after 3 crits (2 off volitic alone) same base damage resist as my guardian, and 25% more out of stealth / on use of blackout.

I am in no way saying nerf assassins, I think the changes were great for them. I am saying look at what you do to other classes before being huge hypocrites and giving it all + more to another class after taking it away.

So to sum it up, Id like to see issues people care about, but have heard nothing on covered, not things we already know.
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