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First off: I love your tattoo. I love you.

Next, I wanna say that I love the game as is. I do not agree with a lot of the decisions the team has made in terms demanded by the vocal minorities here on the forums, but I still love this game, and I will never stop paying a sub to play the complete game, the way it's supposed to be and continue supporting BioWare. With that said, i wanna tell you that you can't please everyone, as you well know, and no matter what you do, if you update the game every week and give into every radical demand on the forums, people will still quit playing (hell, I'll do so if you go that far) so please, PLEASE keep in mind that this is your game and you once had goals and ambitions of what this game should be. These things have since been thrown out the corporate window. Saying again that I love this game and i love BioWare, I want to add that it would please me greatly if you went back to your roots with this game. Make it a story-based MMO once more and ignore the elitists and haters. Make it your game again!
I am not trying to insult this person, and we are all probably guilty of doing this at one point or another: Making statements like 'the vocal minority'. That is presumptive. Often I see and myself do this where we make statements on behalf of other players. So maybe a public poll is better. Make polls about different aspects of the game and let people vote and see the results. If players dont visit forms make an ingame way to vote on server topics.

One way to do this is be honest with players. We know you guys have been hemorrhaging staff nearly as fast as subs, so make a pole like this. " What would you like to see next: Pick one: A) Space combat PvP in 6 months, B) A new PvP battlefield in 2 months, C) A new FP in 3 months" That way youre letting us know what you can do in how much time then you let us decide which way for DEVs to go. This relieves you of the burden of people like me who get grumpy because we got better looking grass but huge lag due to a patch. I am sure if you had a poll asking if players gave a damn about how good the grass looked, you could have saved yourself some time and money.