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11.07.2012 , 11:29 AM | #222
Hi Jeff I really enjoyed reading your introduction to this "state-of-the-game" thread. Especially how long you have worked on MMO's and what you have done within the industry since 2000 , I have played MMO's since 2000 weirdly and realise how much fun and stress you must have had. Also your background information about why some dev's leave/have left is very insightful as there have been a lot of threads about various dev's leaving and they have been mostly very negative. Now for my two main wants for the game.

1. Speech bubbles.
2. Story quests progression ( chapter 4 onwards )

I realise that speech bubbles where in the beta , but someone pointed out that they caused performance issues. I believe they should be able to be turned off and you could make them localised ( maybe tied to the /say function ? ). Anyway the main reason why I want these is to make the game more fun and more like my type of mmo , tbh at the moment just using general chat doesn't cut it , for the fun factor at all and I'm used to games such as PSO , PSU etc.

As for the class story quests progression , well I understand that many really love end-game but for how long ? I believe that we should be looking at at least a whole new chapter per year and yes that probably is 2 planets worth per year and I realise that will be tough to do but i assure you it will keep and bring subs to this game.


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