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11.07.2012 , 11:25 AM | #1
im a guardian vig/defense pvp tank. i have been noticing alot lately that the non channeled force stasis rarely ever applies the cc effect instead its just a glowing dot on a target.countless times i have tried to peel for my healer to watch this now glowing target not even get slowed down.Yes i am taking resolve bar and classes that have immunity into consideration. i see it alot on snipers that i slap it on them before or after cover to sit there watching them glow and shoot, i usualy wait for mechanics like unremitting and force speed so i know it will apply,and still doesnt frustrating.

Force push seems to be broken as well, voidstar the other day a merc is trying to cross the bridge so i leap to him , move a little to position him and boom send him flying. said merc then drops from the heavens at my feet perfectly fine and not dead. what the ....? or again a marauder is trying to eat my pillar humping healer , i leap in and use push and nothing happens, he has no resolve bar it just didnt register. im left feeling like han solo with a busted hyper drive.happens alot more than it should, i see these two busted mechanics failing at least 5 or 6 times a day. im starting to lose my patience with a verry buggy game,
Am i the only one this happens to? is there something im missing?

P.S. how would the community feel about guardian leap breaking movement imparing effects? you are leaping to a friendly target so kiting wouldnt be gimped.and you no longer have to eat 3 stacked orbital strikes cause you have no cleanse.