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Quote: Originally Posted by Thiborfirenz View Post
your working on makeing grass n tree,s look better !!
how about fixing bugged lore items and bestiary codex,s
Persons of Interest: Darth Angral (Knight) - Currently unobtainable
Beastiary: Terentatek - Currently unobtainable
Lore: Jedi Weapons - Currently unobtainable for the Jedi Knight
Species: Sullustan - Currently unobtainable by the Jedi Knight
Titles: Taris - Currently unobtainable (Mission-Giver was removed)
Organizations: Taris - One of the two, the Settler's one is currently unobtainable
Making game prettier vs. codex… I'll take the graphics upgrade thank you.
That's why they call it space, cause there is so much of it.