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11.07.2012 , 11:20 AM | #221
Also have to disagree with why you think players were leaving the game.

They left due to lack of content AND that the game was not 'worth' $15/mo to them. It had nothing to do with them not wanting to pay or not being able to afford a sub to play the game.

Now, I'd also like more specifics on what you're doing with the performance issues. On Sunday night several in our OP, myself included had multiple disconnects from the server and latency in the 18 to 20k range. Had this happen a couple weeks in a row now. I've also experienced these same disconnects from the server in HM FP's.

I love the game and intend to stay subbed. But, let's not blow smoke up everybody's butt. It needs a lot of work and much more content on a regular basis or people will not come back.