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When I shouted "stop" in chat thankfully the tank did actually stop moving. I pointed out there was a difference between a speed run and stupidity and that perhaps letting the recently dead healer seethe for a second might be an idea before pulling the boss at which point the other dps initiated a kick on me.
I went on a run like this the other night...Tank would pull as fast as possible and pull two groups at a time. I was healing and using TOR Assistant at the time. Was pulling 2200 HPS and was still doing some dps too with Flyby. More than once me or the tank dropped to the 20% hp mark. Never thought we were in any real danger and had dps been killing the weak we never would have dropped so low on health, but the tank was just making the instance harder than it is. However, I couldn't quit since the tanks is a officer in my guild and the person that talked me into playing a MMO in the first place. Plus I knew he was just doing it just to annoy me.

Kicking is just as bad as quitting. I have never been vote kicked, but I had a tank try to in D7 once because I told him to stop so we could explain the final boss to the two dps that was obvious had never been there. After his kick failed, he quit, I explained the fight and me and these 2 fresh 50's finished D7 with my dps companion without a wipe and without a tank.