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11.07.2012 , 11:12 AM | #35
I think 8 man FFA deah match would be fantastic. 8 different random spawn points, no perches just for snipers to sit up on to freely dps and kb anyone who makes it up to them. They have kiting abilities no need for a bird's nett. Winner kills/death ratio or combo kill points for killing streaks or by damage/healing done if it's a close match. 1 winne r but everyone comes in place and rewared in that order.... #1 best reward with bonus etc...... just a quick thought. I have to get back to work someone help me out here. OH And for the love of god....absolutely NO pve....that means no traps/pits and BS. If a player don't kill's not pvp. I know it's hard to keep that crap out. But it's not needed. We already spend half of our matches waiting for a spawn door. Leaving the stuff what you think would be a great addition to a map out. It's never good in pvp. Thx