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11.07.2012 , 11:08 AM | #219
Dear Jeff,

Are you talking to your players or your investors? The investors may be gullible, but your players are the ones in the game. They know better, so stop talking down to them.

Let me break this up for you:

1) People are willing to pay $15/month for a game.
2) Those who left did so because SWTOR wasn't (and still isn't) worth $15/month.

Many public-facing BioWare employees have maintained that the game is awesome, people love it, etc. Before you are able to resurrect this beast, you're going to have to accept that your game design has some major flaws. The players have known this since week 1 (that's why so many left), so please stop blowing smoke at us.

Now the expectation is people will pay to overcome a crippled F2P experience? This is very short term thinking. It may provide a quick infusion of cash, but those players will hit the same walls that drove away subscribers. So far, I've heard nothing to make me think the team there has objectively assessed "the state of the game."

An honest discussion about what didn't work in the game will go much further towards building player confidence than this persistent PR spin.