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Hello everyone,

Please discuss the Star Wars: The Old Republic State of the Game blog in this thread!

Dear Bioware

I am a huge star wars fan and subscriber since launch, however due to the lack of attention to PVP i feel like I am almost being forced to leave your game for Guild Wars 2. Here are the 2 main factors.

1. THE LACK OF NEW PVP MAPS...yes in caps its that important.... the lack of new maps is abhorrent it is constantly and i repeat constantly driving away players every week form a very active guild VOLITION on The Bastion. Please Please fastrack Hypergates to get it in soon or else you will lose further players. 2nd PLease Please implement another couple maps like a NEW HUTTBALL map or make a map that is TEAM DEATHMATCH style. Also Please implement CROSS SERVER RANKED ... unranked is fine in server but Ranked is ridiculous you have 1 team just roll every other team or you have no teams quing at all to the point where my build has to field 2 teams and que at the same time to get matches and switch players in teams to get them evenish... The team ranking system is worthless if you have one 2200 ranked team ****** the 1000 ranked teams .. why rank them if thers only 3 on server ??? how does that help matchmaking at all??? Implement Cross Server for RANKED so we can get fast ques, properly matched lvl teams, and we can HAVE FUN and feel like you care about your PVP community.

in short... MORE MAPS...Cross Server Ranked Please you will find that SOOO many players come back !

2. WORLD PVP ... is horrible since you took out any incentive to go to Illum to battle... also WHY DONT I GET VALOR FROM KILLING OPPOSING FACTION PLAYERS IN BLACK HOLE OR ANYWHERE IN WORLD PVP????? there is literally NO INCENTIVE to World PvP at all..??? on a PVP SERVER ... some kind of problem here people. PLEASE PLEASE bring ILLUM back of soemthing very similar and give us valor for killing players in world pvp.

In closing.. There are SOOO many players that pvp ... and nearly every single one of us feels left out by Bioware in alost every aspect of what you have done for the game including updates and fixes. You have gutted world PVP (Illum nerf) and you have neglected to add more than 1 new pvp map in 1 YEAR???? ... this is why you have such massive drop offs in players subs...

Nearly every single player i talk to in our server in guild and out of it says they have no problem paying a subscription if Bioware cared at all about is PvP community.. 1 map for 1 year is completly unacceptable.

Please Please help me help Volition help The Bastion and Help your game.

NEW MAPS FIRST... not just 1 new map .... 3 new maps minimum.

ILLUM BACK SECOND and valor for world kills with that


if you do this they will come!

thank you for your consideration... If any of these changes come in the next 6 weeks I will stay ... If not myself and My 26 active player guild will be moving to Guild Wars 2.