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Well, they nerf that tank because of the PVP whiners,(nerf armor and the self-heal) and broke it in PVE, the self heal dont come close do help when it can be hit 6k on TFB HM.
The 1.3 changes were a nerf, but only because assassin/shadow tanks were so over-powered prior to the patch. I have the numbers to back it up; assassin/shadow tanks were vastly beyond the other two tanks in terms of overall survivability. The nerf brought them back into line.

The self-heal is a lot better than you think it is. As for those 6k hits… Technically, TFB HM has the following damage profile:
  • Tentacle Slap – 800 (very frequent)
  • Tentacle Slam – 7.8k (infrequent)
  • Monsterous Swipe – 2k (moderately frequent)
  • Phasic Spittle – 8.5k (infrequent; so much so as to be negated by a cooldown)

I see nothing in there that really concerns me. The slam is the worst offender, but it happens with sufficient infrequency that it's not really cause for alarm. TFB HM is actually a very low damage boss if you're doing it right, not unlike all of the other bosses in current content. Fun fact: bosses in Nightmare KP hit harder than anything in HM EC/TFB by nearly 40%.
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